capture memories with personalized holiday ornaments from OrnamentShop.com!

Family traditions abound during the holiday season and for most families, decorating the Christmas tree is perhaps the biggest tradition of them all. Who doesn’t have childhood memories of tinsel everywhere, Dad stressing over tangled lights and Mom singing every song from the Bing Crosby White Christmas album? Alright, maybe Bing was only spinning on the record player at our house, but you get where we’re going with this, right? Nothing is more nostalgic than unpacking your decorations for the tree and hanging each memory one by one.

save 10% on ornamentshop.com | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comWe buy a new personalized ornament every year to mark the time and memory and fill up our tree! We have absolutely no problem finding the perfect ornament at OrnamentShop.com. They have over 5,000 personalizeable (is that a word?) holiday ornaments that capture key moments from your family’s last 365 days or go back in years to memorialize past family milestones. Trust us, you will get lost in their site for hours. For us, the tradition of buying one (or several) of these ornaments is just as mandatory as decorating the tree itself!

save 10% on ornamentshop.com | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comOur favorites are easily the ornaments from their Family line, which include characters or animals in festive settings based on the size of your family. Last year we bought a family of frogs to represent each member of our brood, and this year we are leaning toward their family of owls—so stinking cute!

As much as we love getting these ornaments for ourselves, the season is about giving, after all. So while we are shopping for our next family memory, we always pick up a few ornaments as gifts too. Grandma tends to love anything that represents her ever-expanding lot of grandchildren, so this year we are thinking of going with this Grandkids Hearts design.

And you just have to commemorate the birth of the new baby in the family with a personalized Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament!

save 10% on ornamentshop.com | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comHas anyone on your shopping list bought a new home this year or been on a vacation? Any sports nuts? OrnamentShop.com has an ornament for every thinkable scenario—even for foodies like Cheryl! Speaking of, we think we might be picking up one of these Single Cup Coffee Maker ornaments for her as a tongue-in-cheek reminder of her desperate need for coffee. Shhhh! Don’t spill the beans!

Simply put, we can’t express enough how special it is to open up that box marked “Ornaments” every season, pull each one out and reminisce about how far we have come. Each ornament we have from OrnamentShop.com is a cherished memory, a treasured family heirloom and an absolutely essential part of our holiday tradition.

So get rolling on a new tradition of your own!

save 10% on ornamentshop.com | I love how I can look at our tree and see from the ornaments all of the hobbies and interests my kids have had through the years!  |  Everyday Dishes & DIY.com

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