declutter your home or office with stylish home storage

The new year is here, yet the war against clutter wages on in the Everyday Dishes & DIY offices. Between the mail, Cheryl’s magazines, receipts and whatever else that keeps piling up, it’s a total wonder we are able to get any work done.

#declutter for the new year with stylish #HomeStorage from homebins.com!  |  Everyday Dishes & DIY.comWe needed a solution to our clutter that was not only practical, but attractive as well, so we called on our friends at HomeBins. They have a serious goldmine of home organizational tools—2,500 to be exact.

We found a super stylish home storage rack with four canvas baskets that is absolutely perfect for putting everything in its place, so we ordered one for every department. It took more time to decide how and where to put them—and whether we wanted to hang them horizontally or vertically—than it took to actually hang them up. Once mounted, however, it took all of 30 seconds to turn our offices back into the sanctuary of creativity we remember…for the time being anyway. All that built-up clutter has a lovely new home and we can tackle 2014 in organized style.

If clutter is overrunning you, we highly recommend checking out HomeBins. You’ll find ottomans, benches, bookcases and more, all at competitive prices and handled with exceptional customer service. The owners, John and Stacey, have a large family and totally understand the need to manage time and keep your home (or office!) organized. They specialize in offering products that make it as easy as possible to keep up. And really, who couldn’t use the help?

Cheryl Says

A messy desk may be the sign of a creative mind, but even us creative types need to reel it in now and then!

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Note from the editors:  HomeBins.com is no longer available – but the fabulous home storage rack with four canvas bags can still be found here.