Design a personalized BBQ bucket for dad and fill it with tools, condiments, a bottle opener and an apron—basically, all his favorite things to rule the open flame. We’ve even designed a printable template, adding a signature touch to his special gift.

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DIY bbq bucket gift for dad
  1. Download the Everyday Dishes & DIY BBQ Bucket Printable OPTION 1 or OPTION 2.
  2. Measure fabric to fit height and circumference of pail (get a little extra just to have a little wiggle room when adhering to the pail).
  3. Paint on decoupage glue, using a foam brush, in small sections starting at seam of pail and lay fabric down working your way around.
  4. Smooth out bubbles along the way (if using plaid fabric, cut width in half and lay down fabric in 2 pieces).
  5. Turn fabric under at edge to finish. Trim excess fabric along top and bottom with scissors.
  6. Print and cut out BBQ labels. Adhere labels to bucket using decoupage glue.
  7. Go back over fabric and labels with layer of glue and let dry. Repeat 2 more times.
  8. Sand lightly for smooth finished look when layers are dry.
  9. Apply rope or twine along top and bottom edge of fabric with glue gun to create a finished edge.
  10. Hang “S” hooks around bucket edge for bottle opener, BBQ towel and other handy tools Dad might need when grilling.
Shower dad with extra love by filling his bucket with ice and his favorite brew while all his grilling supplies are in use.