Show your American spirit with this stylish, easy-to-make July 4th centerpiece. It takes practically no time at all—you’ll have a decorated table before the first burger hits the grill.

We decided to keep things simple and use just one color of sand per jar, but you can definitely mix it up and layer the colors or even swirl them together before adding the tea lights.

One friendly word of advice: Using a funnel to pour the sand into the jars will keep things cleaner.

We used good ol’ red, white and blue sand with a patriotic ribbon for the 4th of July holiday. This project can be made with different colors for other special occasions, too.

Can’t find the perfect shade of sand? Just use food coloring to dye kernels of rice for the same effect!

How to make a July 4th centerpiece

How to Make a July 4th Centerpiece
  • 3 jars
  • sand (colored red, white and blue)
  • 3 tea lights
  • ribbon
  1. Clean jars if necessary.
  2. Pour sand into jars, one color per jar.
  3. Place a tea light in each jar.
  4. Wrap ribbon around the mouth of each jar.
  5. Add tea lights, set on table then light.
This patriotic centerpiece is done in 5 minutes flat!

July 4th centerpiece