Cards are getting to be ridiculously expensive these days, not to mention the time it takes to go to the store and pick one out of the thousands that are on display. And you can’t get just one; you feel pressured into buying one for every upcoming occasion just so you don’t have to go back. Then by the time you’re done, you’ve spent a small fortune!

For Father’s Day this year, we made our own pop up Father’s Day card that you can print at home and forget the trip to the store! Which is also perfect for those of you that may have forgotten to get a card this year (we won’t tell).

This card can be printed out on a moment’s notice, is a true bargain and is perfect for the dad who loves watching TV but doesn’t always get to control the remote. (Does any dad get to control the remote?) We figured that he’d like to be in charge on his special day—but whether it happens or not is up to you and the kids.

Simply follow instructions to print, cut out, fold and tape together. Just make sure you have a 5″ x 7″ envelope (or you can always make your own).

Printable pop up Father’s Day card instructions

Pop Up Father’s Day Card Instructions
  • pop up card printable
  • white card stock
  • precision knife
  • glue or double-sided tape
  • 5″ x 7″ envelope (A7)
  1. Download the pop up card printable.
  2. Print and cut out where indicated.
  3. Score or fold where indicated.
  4. Glue or tape page 2 to the back of page 1 then fold in half.
  5. Place it in an envelope and you’re done!
Scoring paper before folding it makes crisp, professional-looking edges.

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