The guest list is out, the shopping’s all done and you’ve got a menu everyone will be raving about!

But once the party gets going, how will you keep your precious items around your house safe?

Instead of nixing the Cabernet and serving only stain-proof foods, use this guide as your fool-proof plan to party-proof your home from top to bottom.

Let’s get this party started!

how to party proof your home

  1. Store valuables and fragile items in a locked cabinet that’s not accessible to guests, especially if kids are in attendance. Don’t forget potential hazards like sharp objects or your great-grandmother’s vase! 
  2. Instead of candles (which can be a fire hazard) set up flameless candles around your home. They add beautiful ambience and many even come scented, too.
  3. If you have stain-prone upholstered pieces—like a silk sofa, say—toss a slipcover or throw on top.
  4. Stash a small fire extinguisher in a kitchen cupboard—just in case.
  5. Hide Tide To Go sticks or Shout Wipes in a basket in the living room so you can sneakily swipe any spills before they become stains.
  6. Set out plenty of coasters, especially on unfinished wood tables and glass tables where rings are really visible. 
  7. Place welcome mats outside—and inside—the front door to catch dirt before it makes its way onto your cream carpet.
  8. Protect your furniture from food and wine spills by using a table runner or tablecloth. If you can, keep that decanter of Merlot on a countertop where it’s easier to wipe up any spills. 
  9. To keep your floors squeaky clean, have a basket and bench at the front door so guests can remove their shoes before coming in. You can even hang this free printable sign so everyone knows your house party rules. 
  10. Make sure you’ve got plenty of napkins on hand and that they’re visible to guests to grab if needed. 

Cheryl Says

Use a bit of signage to let guests know what’s O.K. and what’s not. “No Smoking,” “Keep Out,” and “Shoes off Please” is clear communication without being rude.