Yikes! Who turned off the heat? Fall has showed up in a BIG way across most of the country with nighttime temperatures getting into the 40s in some places. Burr! Since nothing warms up your soul like a hot bowl of soup, we thought we would gather six yummy fall soup recipes guaranteed to take your chill away and add a smile of satisfaction to your face-and your stomach!

Filling and affordable, soups have been a fantastic way to feed a hungry family since the invention of the pot around 5000 BC. Since modern cutlery was not available back then, people ate their soup by sopping and scooping it up with hunks of bread-a technique quite a few people still use!

Soup continues to be a staple in many households to this day, and if you can count your household among them, you are going to love cooking up a batch of our healthy, hearty, and most definitely delicious soup recipes. Let’s get cooking!

hearty roasted vegetable & herb soup | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comHearty roasted vegetable & herb soup

roasted to perfection. Want to get your kiddos to eat their veggies? Our hearty roasted vegetable and herb soup is intensely flavorful with a touch of sweetness. In other words, it’s way better than your typical veggies! Yum!

spicy meatball soup | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comSpicy meatball soup

that’s a spicy meatball! Inspired by the flavors of Mexico, our super spicy meatball soup has a nice kick that you can control by deciding how much red pepper you would like to add or omit. As an added bonus, the meatballs in this recipe are so good they could easily stand alone as their own appetizer. It’s a total two for one!

hearty chicken & barley soup | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comHearty chicken & barley soup

chicken tonight. There is nothing more versatile than a good bowl of chicken soup. It can be an appetizer or a main meal, served to family or to guests, and it can easily be made ahead of and put in the freezer for an easy future meal. Our chicken & barley soup meets all of the previously mentioned criteria and it’s super tasty too!

healthy red lentil & vegetable soup | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comHealthy red lentil & vegetable soup

lentil leverage. This soup-er food will help lower your cholesterol, is great for your heart and digestive tract and is an excellent source of protein with virtually no fat. How can you go wrong? Consider our yummy red lentil & vegetable soup a health conscious gift from Everyday Dishes & DIY to you. You’re welcome!

hearty & healthy white bean & kale soup with sausage | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comHearty & healthy white bean & kale soup with sausage

soup or stew? The best thing about this recipe is that not only does it combine some of our favorite ingredients, but it is broth-y enough to pass for soup while thick enough to satisfy like a stew. Whatever angle you prefer, you’ll love how easy this recipe is to prepare, how much your family will like it and how great it will taste the next day.

vegetarian creamless tomato basil soup in mini bread bowls | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comVegetarian creamless tomato basil soup in mini bread bowls

meat free and marvelous. Those people who believe a meal is not a meal without meat are seriously missing out. Case in point, our absolutely delicious and low calorie tomato basil soup. Bursting with flavor, we served this velvety smooth concoction in homemade mini bread bowls. It’s all in the presentation after all!