There is nothing sweeter than celebrating the birth of a new baby. Now that Cheryl’s kids are teenagers, there are no signs of anything baby in her house anymore, so when she has a chance to throw a baby shower she is super excited!

This spring, we put together a boy baby shower full of tips and ideas to help create a truly unique and special day for Mom-to-be.

Our favorite baby shower ideas

1. onesie baby shower place setting

dress up your baby shower table. Sometimes the simplest ideas lead to the cutest results–and what could be cuter than a onesie doubling as a placemat and a napkin folded and pinned like a diaper? This easy, creative place setting will be the talk of the shower!

2. maternity style

the journey to motherhood has one BIG bump. From skin care to jewelry–we’ve put together some great tips on how Mom-to-be can gussy up her bump to look and feel her very best while pregnant.

3. onesie baby shower decoration & gift

multi-FUNctional game. In this creative baby shower game, guests decorate plain white onesies and then hang them up to display at the shower. Mom-to-be then awards a prize to the artist who created her favorite, and baby gets to wear them later.

4. DIY baby shower invitations

create excitement for the big day! We believe a personal touch can really add something special, and even sentimental, to an event like a shower. Be inspired to get personal with these handcrafted invitations designs.

5. no-bake mini eclairs

repurposed baby food jars. Equal parts easy and yummy, these low-fat no-bake éclairs served in baby food jars will not only crank up the cute factor, but are also sure to inspire some compliments. Don’t forget the baby spoon!

6. baby bottle piña coladas

take a break from the punch bowl. Your guests will surely get a kick out of sipping these frothy, homemade piña coladas, especially if you serve them in baby bottles with extra wide straws!

7. gift for grandma

don’t forget grandma! Mom-to-be is the guest of honor for the day, but crafting a sign like this is a great way to honor the Grandma-to-be and to recognize the role she will be playing in Baby’s life.

8. mini baby shower cakes

a cake for everyone! We love the idea of individual portions, and these cute-as-a-button onesie cakes are just perfect for a shower. The marzipan can be a little tricky, so feel free to use regular frosting instead.

Cheryl Says

Taking the time to get creative for her shower will really make Mom-to-be feel special.