Keep family and friends entertained with a portable bean bag toss game that’s inexpensive, easy to make and takes little space to store!

There are no bulky boards to lug around when it comes to playing this game. Terra cotta saucers are just the right weight and size into which bean bags can be tossed. They may cost a bit more than plastic ones, but they won’t tip over.

Save money by using saucers that you already have—just clean them up and paint them with bright colors. Vinyl letters for scoring will be easily seen no matter how far apart you place them.

Official bean bags can cost $15 or more, but you can cut up old jeans or sew scrap material together and fill with beans or rice. We suggest reinforcing them with a double layer of material so you won’t spill the beans. Have fun!

bean bag toss game instructions
  • saucers
  • 3 – 12.25″ terra cotta saucers
  • white, red and black outdoor acrylic craft paint
  • disposable foam brush
  • 3″ vinyl letters
  • bean bags
  • 12 – 7″ x 7″ scrap fabric squares
  • straight pins
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • raw beans or rice, for filling
  1. First paint the large inside portion of each saucer white. Allow it to dry then apply a second coat.
  2. Once completely dry, paint the remaining inside of each saucer red. Allow it to dry then apply a second coat.
  3. Once dry, paint the rim of each saucer black—it’s dark enough where a second coat won’t be necessary. When dry, adhere vinyl numbers to the center of each saucer for scoring points (we chose 25, 50 and 100).
bean bags
  1. Layer two pieces of fabric on top of each other then pin together with straight pins. You should have 6 total double layers of fabric when complete.
  2. Sew the edges of the square pieces of fabric together, leaving a 1½” wide opening to fill with rice or beans.
  3. Fill the bag ¾ full with rice or beans then sew the opening shut using a sewing machine.
  4. Repeat this process until all the bags are filled and sewn shut. Trim away any remaining thread and uneven fabric.
  5. to play
  6. To play, set each saucer the same distance apart from each other according to how much space is available (we used 10′).
  7. Give each player 3 bean bags of the same color.
  8. The first player throws each bean bag, one at a time, into one of the saucers. If a bag lands in the saucer or on the rim, he receives that saucer’s score. Once all 3 bags have been tossed, the other player takes his turn.
  9. Play continues until one player reaches an agreed upon final score (we made ours 500 points).
Worn out jeans are perfect for making bean bags. Their durability will make them last through years of fun afternoons.


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