Does your refrigerator door look like a war zone with schedules and kids’ artwork and not enough magnets to keep them orderly? Cut the clutter and display family photos at the same time with our mini DIY Polaroid magnets.

These little cuties are not difficult to make but you will need to crop images into squares using your computer. If you don’t already have the software to do that, will easily let you crop away.

Start by selecting photos of the hubby, kids, family pet, friends or even that stunning sunset from your last vacation, that are saved on your computer.

You’ll want to save another copy of each photo so that you can crop them into squares without losing the original—then you can print them out on white card stock. When you cut them out, be sure to leave a border that resembles a Polaroid.

Next, you will peel the adhesive off of your magnet sheet and place each mini Polaroid onto the sticky side of the magnet sheet. If the magnets start to bow, place a heavy book on top of them for a couple of hours to flatten them out.

Use them as a decorative way to tidy up the fridge or give them as practical gifts. Get photos of friends from their social media accounts—they’ll be totally surprised to find themselves in the fridge ‘hall of fame.’

DIY Polaroid magnets instructions
  • digital family photos, pet photos, etc.
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Pixlr”][/url] or any photo program that allows cropping
  • photo paper or card stock
  • [url href=”″ target=”_blank” title=”Magnetoc Sheets”]24″ x 12″ magnet sheets[/url]
  • X-acto knife
  • [url href=”″ target=”_blank” title=”Mod Podge Dimensional Magic”]Mod Podge Dimensional Magic[/url]
  • disposable foam brush
  1. Select pictures to use and save duplicates to your computer’s desktop. Open your newly saved photos in or your regular photo editing program and Crop photos into a 1.5” by 1.5” square and save.
  2. Print cropped photos onto photo paper or card stock. Cut out photos leaving a 1 mm border of card stock on sides of image and ¼” border under image.
  3. Peel adhesive from magnet strip; place each photo cutout on magnet sheet. Carefully cut out each Polaroid photo magnet using X-acto knife or scissors.
  4. Place all magnets on a flat surface. Apply Mod Podge Dimensional Magic at an angle over each photo (use edge of X-acto knife to pop any bubbles that may occur).
  5. Allow magnets to dry 24 hours.


easy DIY Polaroid magnets to decorate your fridge! | Everyday Dishes &

easy DIY Polaroid magnets to decorate your fridge! | Everyday Dishes &