Love is in the air! And since the summer temperatures have cooled, fall is the perfect season to celebrate! Many brides-to-be are planning to tie the knot before the snow flies and there are a bevy of busy bridesmaids out there preparing to shower their bride!

Our fall bridal shower ideas are sure to help set the tone for the big day.

Warmer hues are trendy in the fall season, so we went with shades of gold when creating our DIY garter place cards and napkin treatments—but you can use any color scheme under the sun.

For noshing we created a lacy wonton cup filled with a simple and totally delish artichoke and crab dip and we finished with easy layered mini cream cakes that are the very picture of elegance.

Find the inspiration you are looking for to bring the perfect bridal shower to life. Cheers to the bride and groom!

7 fall bridal shower ideas & recipes

feel the love with 7 fall bridal shower ideas | lace cup wontons | Everyday Dishes & DIY.com1. artichoke crab dip in wonton cups—a perfect bridal shower appetizer

the look of lace. There is a wedding on the horizon, so you know there is bound to be some lace involved somewhere. How about as an appetizer at the shower? Yep! That’s right! We created lacy wonton cups filled with a delectable artichoke and crab dip and they look as good as they taste. These bite-sized babies are way easier to make than you might think and they are an absolute showstopper to boot!

feel the love with 7 fall bridal shower ideas | garter place cards | Everyday Dishes & DIY.com2. wine glasses with garter place cards

places everyone! A definite nod to old tradition, our DIY garter place cards are not only wedding appropriate but multi-functional! They act as personalized place cards so your guests can find their designated seat with ease. And they are made to wrap around a wine glass, so no one will lose their drink!

feel the love with 7 fall bridal shower ideas | engagement photos | Everyday Dishes & DIY.com3. bridal shower decorations with engagement photos

picture perfect. Personal photos can make a gathering, well, more personal. And since there is nothing more personal than getting married, sharing engagement photos of the happy couple with your shower guests will surely get them excited for the wedding. We took our photos and mounted them on scrapbook paper to create an unexpected napkin treatment—the perfect personal touch for an extra special occasion.

feel the love with 7 fall bridal shower ideas | DIY bling sneakers | Everyday Dishes & DIY.com4. DIY bling sneakers for the bride spell all-day comfort

casual comfort. Picture it: the bride-to-be has endured the make-up application and the hair stylist and is about to put on her gorgeous yet constricting gown for her walk down the aisle. In short, your girl will have been uncomfortable for a better part of the day already and the party hasn’t even started yet! Give her a pair of these adorably adorned sneakers at her bridal shower so she can face the rest of her big day in casual comfort! She’ll be proud to show them off!

feel the love with 7 fall bridal shower ideas | blackberry lemon spritzer | Everyday Dishes & DIY.com5. blackberry & fresh lemon spritzer

signature sipping. Have you noticed how trendy it is right now to serve a signature cocktail to guests as they arrive to an event like a shower or a reception? It’s such a fun idea and a great way to kick off the festivities too! Turn our light, festive blackberry lemon spritzer into the perfect signature cocktail with a creative moniker combining the names of the bride and groom. Put your thinking caps on!

feel the love with 7 fall bridal shower ideas | bridal shower game | Everyday Dishes & DIY.com6. bridal shower game – how well do you know the bride?

salty or sweet? Contrary to popular belief, bridal shower games do NOT have to include clothespins. Seriously, they don’t. Put those babies down and print out our FREE “How well do you know the bride” shower game instead. It’s super easy to make, a sure way to get the whole gang involved and everyone will learn a little more about their favorite bride-to-be. Crank up the competition by offering up a prize to the winner!

feel the love with 7 fall bridal shower ideas | Don’t stress! The bride is going to love and appreciate all of your efforts—perfect or not! | Everyday Dishes &