Turn a strip of leather and metal washers into a simple, modern washer bracelet. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy!

Hunt through your toolbox or head to the hardware store for washers. They come in all different sizes so the choice is yours—ours were small with an outside diameter of just half an inch.

Get an industrial look by leaving them natural, or spray them with metallic paint or the season’s hottest colors. Whatever look you choose, remember to pull the leather tight after adding each washer so there will be no visible gaps.

How to make a washer bracelet

how to make a leather washer bracelet
  • leather
  • scissors
  • washers
  • spray paint
  1. Determine length of leather and number of washers you wish to use, according to your wrist size and the size washers you’ve chosen—we used a 15″ strap for plenty of room and 17 small washers. Trim the ends of the leather to a point.
  2. Place washers on covered work surface and spray paint with your choice of colors. Allow them to dry then spray paint the other side.
  3. Feed the leather strap through two washers, leaving at least 2″ of the end of the strap exposed. Bring the strap over the second washer, through the first then back through the opening of the second washer. Pull tight then continue to thread the strap through the remaining washers—there should be no gaps between the washers.
  4. Check the bracelet for size then insert the longer end of the strap into the first washer on the opposite end. Place your wrist through the bracelet and pull the strap through the washer until it fits snugly. Tuck any excess back through the opposite washer.
The larger the washer the longer the leather strap will have to be so take that into account before cutting.

Leather washer bracelet

Leather washer bracelet