Whether homemade or store-bought for the time-disadvantaged, our DIY graduation cupcake toppers and wrapper printouts pay perfect homage to this year’s graduating class!

And don’t forget something extra fun for the grads to create exciting memories—set up a photo booth complete with awesome photo booth props!

Simply print out the graduation cupcake toppers and wrapper templates, snip, tape and party. It’s an easy way to dress up a cupcake and add an extra flair to your party decorations.


Graduation cupcake toppers and wrappers printable
  1. Download and print the Everyday Dishes & DIY Graduation Cupcake Toppers printable and Cupcake Wrappers printable.
  2. Cut along dotted lines and silhouettes on printouts.
  3. For toppers, tape or glue a toothpick to back of cutout.
  4. Place toppers on top of cupcake.
  5. For wrappers, staple or glue ends together.
  6. Set cupcake inside.
For some extra flair, sprinkle some edible glitter in your grads school colors on top of the cupcakes!