Tips for looking great when you’re pressed for time

1. face off

You must clean your face, however, in the event you had too much to drink with your friends last night and woke up with mascara on your cheeks, spiffing up your mug with a makeup remover wipe will suffice.

2. face on

The Holy Grail of makeup shant be messed with under any circumstances. Perk up your complexion with foundation or tinted moisturizer. Fill in your brows to ensure your arches are on full alert, and apply at least one coat of mascara to make your eyes pop. Finish with a swipe of bronzer to get glowing and paint your pout. A bright hue will divert attention from sleepy eyes.

3. fake it

We are almost ashamed to break the news, but the morning cure for skipping the shower resides in the power of repurposing. Raid the stash of makeup remover wipes, baby wipes or feminine cleansing clothes (which all smell like a meadow with young deer frolicking through the flowers) and scrub all your important parts. Don’t forget a liberal application of deodorant to survive the day.

4. fashion first

Why do French Women always score a 10? Because they never rock their Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants on a fat day and they don’t consider the velour tracksuit an outfit. Fun slacks or a hip skirt with a fitted top will do the trick.

5. pony up

Not sure how to approach your mangy mane? Simple. Just put that frumpy, unwashed hair in a pony. It will take your look from bleak to chic in a single hair tie.

6. accessorize

A scarf cures everything, and a cocktail ring with a simple outfit is the difference between ‘ready for anything’ and frump with a side of wallflower.

Cheryl Says

My 2nd day hair secret resides in a touch of baby powder. A little sprinkle on the roots helps to absorb oil and give your hair a fresh look and feel.