Our goal when entertaining is to relax and have fun with friends and family. We like to keep things simple, memorable, and stress free–three things we had in mind while creating these festive Cinco de Mayo party ideas! Simple and delicious recipes, unique and refreshing cocktails, and colorful table decor will help you to set the tone for a fun fiesta everyone will be talking about!

Our favorite cinco de mayo party ideas

1. bing cherry margarita

muddled cherries, tequila, lime juice…yum! If the sun is shining, it’s time to break out the patio furniture and the tequila so you can indulge in one of these scrumptious bing cherry margaritas – a true warm weather favorite.

2. pulled pork tacos

slow cooker = set it and forget it. This recipe for savory pulled pork tacos with sweet and spicy jalapeno pineapple salsa is absolutely perfect for a crowd, and the slow cooker means less time in the kitchen and more fiesta tiempo for you!

3. build a better margarita

even a classic needs a makeover now and again. Learn how to get fresh, go grand, give 100%, and keep it young with these 4 great ways to build a better margarita.

4. chelada

turn your beer into a cocktail. Give this refreshing Chelada a try! Freshly squeezed lime juice and salt is all you need to transform your favorite pilsner into a tasty, frosty treat.

 5. easy flower centerpiece

it’s all in the presentation. There is no easier way to elevate your Cinco de Mayo centerpiece than by adding burlap and raffia to a colorful batch of flowers, and Cheryl will show you how in this short video.

6. chunky guacamole

chunky guacamole – with a twist! Served right in the avocado shell for quick and easy clean up, this guacamole recipe replaces traditional jalapeños with chili powder for a smoky, flavorful kick.

7. jalapeno margarita

sip your spicy. Freshly muddled jalapeno and crushed red pepper add a flavorful kick to this less-than-traditional jalapeno margarita. Only want a little heat? Not to worry! The recipe is easily adjustable.