For the guy who loves his beer, surprise him by adding this personalized beer label printable to his six-pack this Father’s Day! This free printable is practically identical to that of a Heineken’s label, and Dad will do a double-take for sure when he sees it.

Just grab a favorite six-pack and a scouring sponge then spray a little Goo Gone on the labels to remove them. Soaking them in hot water works but takes longer and, chances are, you’re going to ruin that costly manicure.

When looking for shipping labels make sure to get the right size. You’ll need one large, single label per page rather than the usual sheet of multiple labels.

This project is easy, inexpensive and makes a great last minute gift for Dad.

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Beer Label Printable Instructions

Beer Label Printable Instructions
  1. Remove labels from each bottle by soaking in hot water or using Goo Gone. Wipe dry.
  2. Download the printable, open in Adobe Reader then print labels onto your shipping label sheet, using the printing directions on the package.
  3. Cut out each label where indicated then peel off label backing. Press firmly on each bottle to adhere.
  4. Place a bow on top and watch Dad’s eyes light up!
Goo Gone makes removing labels a breeze!

Beer label printable instructions