Our easy DIY hoodie skunk costume makes this Halloween extra special and you don’t even need a sewing machine! A hot glue gun and a few whipstitches will do the job in no time.

A few sheets of black and white felt and a black hoodie sweatshirt will get you started. Just download our Everyday Dishes skunk costume printable to make the ears and chest pieces. Use a glue gun for layering each piece and hand-sew both ears to the hoodie with a whipstitch.

Make the chest pieces out of white felt, layer and glue together and then place along each side of the zipper. There’s no need for sewing here—glue will allow the sweatshirt pockets to remain functional.

Every skunk needs a tail—a white boa is perfect! Attach it to the back of the sweatshirt, starting with the hood. Wrap any excess around wire, twist to secure and bend to create curves in the “tail.”

Black clothing and a nose dabbed with black paint make our skunk complete. Your trick-or-treater will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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Skunk hoodie costume instructions

Skunk Hoodie Costume Instructions
  • black hoodie sweatshirt
  • 1 sheet black felt
  • 3 sheets white felt
  • skunk costume printable
  • scissors
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • needle
  • black thread
  • white boa
  • 12 gauge wire
  1. Download the skunk costume printable.
  2. Cut 2 large black ears and 2 small white ears.
  3. Layer white ear on black ear; glue to secure. Repeat for other ear.
  4. Place ear 3” from center, 2 ½” from front edge.
  5. Hand-sew using whipstitch. Repeat for other ear.
  6. Cut 2 of each skunk chest piece out of white felt. Layer and glue together.
  7. Glue one chest piece along side of zipper, top and bottom (gluing one side, top and bottom allows child to still use hoodie pockets).
  8. Repeat for other chest half.
  9. Set one end of boa centered on hood.
  10. Place stitch approximately every 6” working down hoodie with boa.
  11. Wrap remaining boa end around wire.
  12. Twist ends of wire to secure boa.
  13. Bend wire to create curve of tail.
Going to an adult costume party? Adapt our DIY to fit! A larger hoodie and templates scaled to size will do the trick.

DIY skunk hoodie costume craft

DIY skunk hoodie costume craft