Looking for a different way to welcome trick-or-treaters? We’ve got just the thing! Our Halloween burlap wreath is easy, inexpensive to make and certain to brighten up any front door.

A pair of scissors, large wire floral wreath and three yards of burlap are all you need for this easy DIY. We chose a bright orange color, but you can substitute black or natural. If you have any scraps of burlap tucked away, now would be a great time to use them.

Simply cut the burlap into 1″ x 6″-wide strips and pull the edges to fray. Our wreath doesn’t require perfection, so you can just eyeball the measurements after the first one.

If you’re a stickler for accuracy, the best way to cut burlap is to first measure then mark your fabric using tailor’s chalk – its triangular shaped edge makes a nice, distinct line that can easily be rubbed away. Then pull and remove one entire thread along that mark to reduce fraying. Cut along the portion where the thread once was, making sure not to cut threads on either side.

It’s super easy to tie each burlap strip with a single knot onto the wire wreath. Once the frame is completely covered, add ribbon for decoration and hanging. Leave it plain or add a few seasonal novelties—the choice is yours.

burlap wreath instructions
  • large wire floral wreath
  • 2½-3 yards orange burlap
  • scissors
  1. Cut burlap into strips, about 1″ x 6″ wide.
  2. Fray edges of strips by pulling out threads.
  3. Tie burlap strips tightly onto the wire floral wreath using a single knot.
  4. Work your way around the wreath, tying the rest of the burlap strips until frame is completely covered.
  5. Fluff burlap and attach fun Halloween decorations and ribbon.
  6. Attach black ribbon to back of frame for easy hanging.
Don’t be surprised if the neighbors ask where you bought your wreath!