If you’re just learning how to incorporate more avocado into your diet then you might be a little perplexed on how to handle one. No worries! In this short video, we will show you how to cut an avocado.

Did you know an avocado is a fruit? Yep—and a unique one at that. Fruits are full of carbs. But avocado are packed with nutritious, healthy fats and more potassium than a banana!

Quickly climbing the super food ladder, avocados are showing up in all sorts of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert! A few our favorite recipes are chunky guacamole in avocado shells and our Asian chicken power bowl!

How to cut an avocado instructional video

How to Cut an Avocado Video

Want to incorporate more avocado into your diet? You might be perplexed on how to handle one. Watch this video to learn how to cut an avocado!


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  • Holding the avocado in one hand, slice through the stem end until you hit the pit. Holding the knife relatively still, twist the avocado around until the knife blade has cut all the way around the avocado and ended back where it started.
  • Put the knife down and grab the avocado by each half gently twisting it until it comes apart. One half will be empty and one half will have the pit. Put the half with the pit in the palm of one hand and grab the knife with the other. Gently but firmly cut into the pit with the knife. Twist the avocado in a different direction from the knife with the pit stuck to it. They will come apart and you will have two halves without a pit.
  • Slice two or three times lengthwise and two or three times crosswise and you will have cubes of avocado. Just take a spoon and scoop them out.


We hope this helped you feel more confident slicing open avocados! Make sure you check out some of our favorite avocado recipes here.
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How to cut an avocado instructional video