Learn how to properly handle hot peppers so you can enjoy them in your favorite dishes. On occasion, we’ve forgotten we handled a jalapeño or two and rubbed our eyes later—never again after watching this video!

The seed and the interior membranes contain all the heat from the pepper. If you like it hot, of course leave them intact.

The best defense against burning your eyes or other body parts after working with peppers is to wear gloves while handling them. Invest in a box of inexpensive disposable gloves, and then dispose of them after use.

How to handle hot peppers instructional video

How To Handle Hot Peppers Video

Watch this video to learn how to carefully and easily handle hot peppers so you can enjoy your favorite accouterment in any meal!


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  • Put on your disposable gloves to avoid burning yourself with the peppers.
  • Lay a pepper on its side and cut lengthwise through the stem, leaving a bit of stem on each half. If the pepper is a bit moon-shaped, as they often are, hold one half away from the stem as flat as you can. The stem will be pointing up. Cut the half that is resting on the counter in half. Now turn the pepper so this cut half is pointing up and insert the tip of the knife in the cut you just made. Bring the knife down through the stem to complete the slice.
  • Once all the peppers have been cut in half, hold one half in your gloved hand and insert a small spoon into the inside of the pepper between the seeds and the stem. Pull the spoon down to the tip end, pulling all the seeds and membranes out of the pepper. After a couple of practice runs, you will be able to clean the entire pepper with one swipe. You are now ready to stuff the pepper! Enjoy!


Now that you’ve watched this video, it’s time to make bean and cheese stuffed jalapeños!
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How to handle hot peppers instructional video