One of our goals is to live a more sustainable lifestyle. As the planet continues to suffer from more plastic and garbage piling up in landfills and oceans, we want to do our part to use less single-use plastic and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s not always easy to know where to start, which is why we were so excited when we found MightyNest. With their monthly MightyFix subscription, this company is making it easier than ever to implement simple, eco-friendly kitchen ideas.

Discover the MightyFix

The MightyFix is a monthly subscription that helps you tackle one healthy change each month with green goods that are high quality, useful, and fun. One of the things we love about the MightyFix is that it gives you an incredibly easy starting point for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Each month, they send you a new product with tips about how to incorporate it into your daily routine. We were gifted 3 products that we absolutely loved – Bee’s Wrap food storage wraps, reusable kitchen cloths, and some mesh produce bags.

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We loved the versatility of the Bee’s Wrap because it worked on everything from sandwiches to snacks to covering bowls. You could just wash it and reuse it! Say goodbye to plastic cling wrap (how ANNOYING is that anyways). Bee’s Wrap is a sustainable way to store your food.

sustainable kitchen products how to be more eco friendly best way to get started with sustainability sustainable kitchen products

The eco-friendly kitchen cloths were the perfect swap for paper towels. We used them to wipe down counters and clean up small messes. We found that the closer we stored them to where we reached for paper towels, the more likely we were to use them. All you need to do is throw them in the washing machine and they are ready to use again!

reusable produce bags reusable shopping bags eco friendly kitchen products eco friendly sustainable kitchen

Our favorite product from the MightyFix was the mesh produce bags. We love to keep these in our car for any time we run to the grocery store. You can keep your fruits & veggies protected and stored without clogging up the oceans – talk about a win-win!


If you’re ready to get started with a more sustainable lifestyle, you can try the MightyFix for just $3! Use the code EVERYDAYDISHESFIX to get your first month at this heavily discounted price. And, you’ll even get to start with our favorite product – the mesh produce bags!

Click here to join the MightyFix!

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