Veganism is both a way of living and a philosophy that has attracted a strong following over time. People who practice it follow a diet that excludes animal products like meat, milk, eggs, cheese, and so on. The philosophical aspect of it is that the use of animals as a source of food or raw materials for commodities amounts to animal cruelty, which should be brought an end to. 

For a long time, veganism has attracted mixed reactions from society. Some people believe in and follow it whereas other people simply rubbish it. Do you think veganism is a good thing, which the world needs to embrace, or do you think otherwise? You can save your answer for later. 

It turns out veganism has some benefits both for human beings, animals, and nature at large. In case you doubt that, here are some scientifically-proven advantages of it:

Benefits Of Veganism To Animals

1. Benefits Of Veganism To Animals

Here’s how veganism benefits animals:

Veganism Aims To End Animal Killings

Every year, the lives of millions of animals around the world are cruelly cut short by human beings to serve our cruel and selfish desires. We kill animals for food, fun, raw materials, rituals, and other purposes that are simply not justified. To human beings, these unjustified purposes are more important than the lives of these susceptible living organisms.  

The worst times of the year for animals to be alive are on New Year’s Day, Easter, and Eid-Ul-Adha. On any of these so-called holidays, almost every household globally that celebrates the holiday cuts short the life of an animal(s) just to have fun. Did you know that a total of 9,093,242 animals were slaughtered in the name of celebrating this year’s Eid-Ul-Adha? If you didn’t, I thought you should!

If all people believed in veganism, animals would only die of natural causes. That’s because the practice rejects the killing of animals for whatever reasons. 

Benefits Of Veganism To Human Beings

Veganism Fights To End Animal Suffering

It is no secret that a lot of animals suffer in different ways at the hands of human beings. Many are held in captivity and subjected to different forms of affliction. These poor animals often undergo afflictions like starvation, neglect, being beaten, and being put to work where they are overworked. All these deprive them of the quality and fulfilling life they deserve. 

In early 2020, a South Sudanese zoo was condemned globally when heart-wrenching photos of its hungry and emancipated lions surfaced online. This immediately elicited a response that has since helped a little to alleviate the suffering of the big cats. 

Veganism is against putting animals into captivity, which was the root course of the South Sudanese lions’ affliction. If everyone could embrace it, or, at least, its philosophical aspect, man-made animal suffering wouldn’t be there. 

Benefits Of Veganism To Nature

2. The Benefits Of Veganism To Human Beings

Here’s how veganism benefits us:

Veganism Promotes Health and Longevity

Plant-based foods contain essential nutrients many animal-based foods lack. Below are ten nutrients animal foods lack; 

  1. Vitamin C-crucial for the growth, development as well as repair of all body tissues.
  2. Catechins-help prevent cell damage. 
  3. Dietary fiber-helps keep the digestive system healthy. 
  4. Resistant starch-helps with feeding the friendly bacteria in the gut and boosting the production of short-chain fatty acids that play a critical role in gastrointestinal health.
  5. Cyanidin-helps fight free radicals alongside providing anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral health benefits.

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How Veganism Aims To End Animal Killings

Veganism Saves You Money

Plant-based delicacies are generally cheaper than animal-based ones. The reason is that plants are cheaper to produce and are more abundant than animals as far as these two food source categories go. That means you’ll be able to reduce your food expenditure significantly when you shift to a diet that entails only plant-based foods(vegan diet). 

Veganism Makes Your Cooking Easy

In addition, plant-based recipes are generally easier to cook compared to animal-based ones. Take, for example, two popular Mongolian recipes; 30-minute vegan seitan(where seitan substitutes beef) and 30-minute beef recipes. You’ll find that the first recipe, which doesn’t entail beef, is easier to cook than the second one, which does. To back it up, recipe 1 entails fewer ingredients and steps than recipe 2.

How Veganism Promotes Health and Longevity

3. Benefits Of Veganism To Nature

Here’s how veganism is good for mother nature:

Veganism Helps Conserve The Environment

Carbon dioxide(CO2) is one of the most harmful gases in existence on the planet. Excessively high levels of it can be detrimental to the environment and the living things it surrounds. Unfortunately, the levels of this gas in the atmosphere have risen alarmingly since the beginning of the industrial era. According to a 2019 study published by EPA, they have gone up by almost 50%. This can be blamed on many factors with the increasing number of industrial facilities around the globe being one of them. 

It’s no secret that there are many industrial plants out there manufacturing products, using animal raw materials. Similarly, numerous plants process foods from both plant sources and animal sources. 

Veganism fights to end the commoditization of animals. By banning the use of animals as raw materials, many industrial plants that manufacture goods using animals will likely shut down. The same can be said about outlawing food processing facilities that rely on animal parts or products for their products.

Both scenarios will lead to a reduction in the number of industrial facilities we have on our planet. This will positively impact the environment by slowing down the rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. 

how Veganism Makes Your Cooking Easy

Final Thoughts

Although it receives negative publicity, veganism is a great thing that benefits all of us, our animals, and mother nature at large. For human beings, it promotes health & longevity, saves them money, and entails easier-to-cook recipes. For animals, it fights to end their killings and affiliations at the hands of human beings. To the environment, it promotes reduced CO2 gas levels in the atmosphere, which can rejuvenate the planet. 

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