Having the right tools in the kitchen makes cooking 100x more enjoyable! That’s why we’ve decided to spotlight a few of our favorite products. We’ve personally tested each one out so you can be sure when we say we love it, we mean it!

Up first is a fantastic Chef’s knife for under $60! If you haven’t used a great quality knife in a while, you know how tedious it can become to chop up even the smallest amount of veggies. However, investing in a great knife can turn cutting things up from a chore to an almost relaxing activity in the kitchen (except maybe if you’re chopping onions).

We tested this Zulay Kitchen Chef’s Knife for cutting up both vegetables and meat and found that it worked equally well for both. Its 8″ blade makes it the perfect size for an all-purpose knife. The blade is made out of 67 layers of Damascus steel, comparable to more expensive Japanese knives at a fraction of the cost. We also thought the straight handle was comfortable for both larger and smaller hands. It cut straight through large items like a full onion, dense items like potatoes and was perfect for trimming away the fat from chicken breasts.

Although we aren’t claiming that this knife will outperform every knife on the market, we did find it to be an incredible value for the price. It’s a great knife for a beginner chef or someone who’s just getting started with their knife collection. And, the fact that it comes in a gorgeous gift box makes it that much easier to wrap up for a housewarming present.

The company does offer to replace the knife if anything should ever happen to it, and also offers an affordable sharpening tool to help you keep your knife like new for many years.

Grab your 8″ Chef Knife on Amazon:

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