Cheryl has a motley crew at home–Doodles, Foxy and Annie (a goldendoodle, corgi, and cava-poo respectively) and they are beloved members of the Najafi family. Each pup has a unique, special personality and her kiddos love to spoil them every chance they get–and there are so many ways to do it! There are cushy dog beds, homemade treats, brightly covered chew toys and fanciful food bowls. It is evident that if you want to treat your pet like royalty, whatever you are looking for is only a click away!

We thought we’d share some fun accessories to spoil your furry friends. We tried not to be too biased, so we threw in some things for you cat lovers too!

our favorite pet toys & accessories

1. Water Dog Auto Outdoor Drinking Fountain

This is so awesome! Your dogs will always have fresh water with this intuitive product from Contech. The Water Dog senses the dog’s approach and automatically dispenses a cool, clean stream of fresh drinking water. No more filling up the bowls all day during the summer!

2. Happy Pet Travel Dog Umbrella

Rain or shine the dogs have to go out. Most have no issue getting wet but some like Cheryl’s first born (dog), Molly, would absolutely not set foot in the rain! Keep your pet dry and comfortable with this adorable umbrella from Happy Pet Travel.

3. Fred Flare Cat DJ Scratching Deck

We thought this was absolutely hilarious when we saw it! Have your kitty cat scratch some tracks instead of the couch with this super creative scratching post from Fred Flare.

4. Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit

We all know the safest place for your curious kitty is inside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outside in! The Catit Design Senses Grass Kit includes seeds, substrate, and a plant holder so you can grow a munchable grass that will aid in your cats digestion and help prevent hairballs.  Good deal!

5. Aruliden Fishscape Fish Bowl

For the fish who has everything, we give you the coolest fish bowl around complete with mountainous peaks and valleys. Now repeat Aruliden Fishscape Fish Bowl five times in a row.

6. Chevron Dog Bed from Martha & Ash

Finally! A dog bed with the same grade of decorum you have for your home. This lovely and stylish bed from Martha & Ash is made from ultra-durable outdoor fabric and comes in 3 different sizes.

7. Doggie Cigars from Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store

Fire up a different kind of stogie while playing fetch with Fido! Made of solid rope with no added fillers, these “cigar” fetch sticks from Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store would be a great conversation starter, don’t you think?

8. Canine Earth Awesome Apple Paw Balm

Doggie paws get chapped and cracked just like our hands do! If your dogs walk you regularly like ours do, you should moisturize and protect their dry paws and skin. Canine Earth’s Paw Balm is just the thing to try.

9. Whip up your own dog treats 

Your four-legged pal will feel the love with treats made from wholesome ingredients. They are an inexpensive, healthy alternative to store bought biscuits, and you’ll never have to worry about your homemade treats being recalled.