We are not quite ready to let go of summer, but ready or not Labor Day is here to mark the unofficial end the season.

Named a Federal Holiday in 1894, Labor Day honors the economic and social contributions of the American worker, so we are of the opinion that celebrating should not have to include toiling away in the kitchen. After all, if everyone else is getting the day off, why not you too?

So if you are planning to celebrate with family and friends this holiday weekend (it might be your last opportunity before the weather turns), we would like to suggest whipping up some All-American fare that looks as good as it tastes and keeps the “laboring” to a minimum. Pasta salad, veggie coleslaw, even bite-sized key lime pies—these recipes are simple, crowd pleasing and totally delish. Dig in!

7 easy labor day cocktails and recipes

celebrate-labor-day-recipes-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi-fresh-corn-bar1. Fresh corn bar with toppings

move over taco bar… Fresh corn on the cob is a summer staple, but have you ever tried a corn bar instead? Arrange a variety of fun toppings like melted butter, jalapenos and salsa and let your guests decide how to take their corn to the next level. So fun!

Veggie tray crudité that's quick & easy to put together

2. Cucumber dill dip and crudité

veggie tray to crudité! Seriously, what is more boring than a plain old veggie tray? Since we all know it’s all in the presentation, take those veggies and display them in a window box inside little terra cotta pots. The arrangement is so unique that your boring veggies will be the talk of the party! Our yummy yogurt dill dip will certainly help too.


3. Pretzel buns

spruced up sammies. We took the doughy, salty goodness of a hot pretzel and turned it into a sandwich bun! Can you say YUM? It almost doesn’t matter what kind of sandwich you make with these babies; they are all going to be something special, but they are particularly good with burgers off the grill.


4. Key lime pie shooters

bite-sized indulgence. Sweet and tangy, we love a good key lime pie! We love it even more when they are bite-sized and guilt-free! Our cute little guys are served in shot glasses for just the right amount. Feel like another? Go ahead, we won’t tell!

celebrate-labor-day-recipes-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi-spinach-pasta5. Tomato and spinach pasta salad

summer staple. There are a million ways to make a pasta salad that range from super simple to the mildly complicated. We prefer the former, of course, and kept that in mind when developing this recipe. Fun cavatappi pasta, tomatoes, spinach and just a few more key ingredients make up this delightful pasta salad sure to keep you cool this Labor Day.

celebrate-labor-day-recipes-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi-daiquiri6. Strawberry basil daiquiri

tantalize your taste buds. Your guests are going to rave about our basil strawberry daiquiris and surely want to know what makes them taste so zesty. The addition of basil adds a little something extra and the perfect combination of tang, tart and sweet. Cheers!

celebrate-labor-day-recipes-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi-veggie-slaw6. Veggie slaw

perfect for pairing. Colorful, low calorie and an awesome side dish for just about anything, our veggie slaw recipe is an absolute must-try. Marinated red onion, carrots and cucumber make up this tangy and flavorful Vietnamese-inspired dish that is truly magnificent right from the fridge.

Cheryl Says

Why throw a party if you can’t enjoy it? Quick and easy meals get you to the celebration faster!