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Food Friendly™ by Julia

We’re so excited to introduce you to Julia Long. Julia is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who currently works as a Professional Sports Dietitian. In this role, she helps support professional athletes’ performance with the superpowers of real food. 

She calls her approach to nutrition “Food Friendly™.” But what does that mean exactly? 

“FOOD IS YOUR FRIEND! By FOOD I mean all real foods. Food in its truest form is perfect for you. It is when whole foods are changed from how nature has made them that our bodies respond badly.

Food is not just for flavor. It determines how we feel and function. It’s the tool to perform to your most optimal ability and feel your best – whether you are walking your dog or running a marathon. Everyone deserves to feel good!”


Julia is so passionate about food because of its transformative powers. “It is so magical that you can eat a food and soon after, feel and look different. To me, that is magic… and I want to learn as much about magic as I can.”

That’s part of what makes her recipes so special – they taste good AND they make you feel good! Talk about a win-win!

“Aside from unique flavors, every food also has a specific superpower. I will teach you which foods will do what for your body so you can eat for the feeling and function you want in addition to flavor.”

We’re so excited to begin sharing Julia’s Food Friendly™ recipes with you! 

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