This leafy little powerhouse has become so popular that we thought it was important to teach our friends how to properly devein kale. Enjoy it in your favorite meal without having to navigate through the fibrous, bitter stalks on your plate.

Kale has an earthy flavor with more nutritional value and fewer calories than almost any other food. At the supermarket, look for kale with firm, deeply-colored leaves and hardy stems. Store in a cool place until you’re ready to prepare then watch our video for tips and techniques to get the party started.

You can use kale in salads, such as a chicken and kale pasta salad, or incorporate it into hot meals. A couple of our favorites are roasted cauliflower and kale and sausage, kale and quinoa soup. Yum!

A plate of devein kale

How to Devein Kale Instructions

In this video tutorial, learn how to properly devein kale to use in your favorite recipes, from cold salads to hot soups and casseroles!


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  • Hold a piece of kale with the stem pointing away from you; grab the leaves with one hand and the stem with the other. Simply pull them apart. You will have the leaves in one hand and the stem in the other.


Kale is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients!
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