You enjoyed the party last night, but the hangover this morning is killing you. The truth is, you can’t really cure a hangover, but you can take steps to make it a little more bearable. Getting proper rest and giving it a little time is the best way to deal with it; however, there are a few other things that you can do. The pain, weakness, nausea, and headache can subside if you take some practical steps to alleviate them. So go through this article to learn a few simple steps that will help you combat the hangover on your own terms.

Drink Lots of Water or Juice

Your body has gotten dehydrated due to all the alcohol that you drank last night. So you need to rehydrate this morning by drinking lots of water. Start by drinking a glass right when you wake up, and continue to drink water all throughout the day. Supplement the water with fresh juice from vegetables or fruits as well. The water will rehydrate your body, and the juice will replenish the requirement for vitamins.

Simple Tips to Get Over a Hangover drink water

Take Vitamins

Due to being dehydrated, your body can really do with vitamins right now. You can get a healthy dose of vitamin C by drinking orange juice. There are a few studies that have suggested that vitamin B and zinc are also good in reducing the severity of hangovers. That means that taking multivitamins if you have a bad hangover will help you ease the after-effects. 

Stay Away from Caffeine

Caffeine is known to dehydrate your system, so avoid drinking large pots of coffee if you have a hangover. Most of us want to grab a cup of coffee right after we wake up, but this will only make the headache worse. You can try tea instead as it is a very good option to rehydrate and replenish your body. You can research online to find out which is the best tea for a hangover and get the right one for you. Just be sure to choose teas that have less caffeine or brew tea in a manner that will reduce the amount of caffeine in them.

You can replace black tea with green tea and warm the water gently instead of boiling it. Decaf tea can also be a good choice. Although it is not exactly free of caffeine, the amount is less than in regular tea. If you want a tea that is free of caffeine naturally and is high in antioxidants, you can choose Roobios Tea. You can also try adding a few herbs to your tea that have detoxifying qualities, as herbs and spices are known to aid in the recovery from hangovers.

hangover cure sleep

Get Some Shuteye

When you are going through a hangover, the thing your body needs most is ample rest to recover. The best way to do this is to stay in bed for as long as possible. Even adding an extra hour will help a lot. If the hangover is so bad that you can’t possibly get out of bed, you might need to call and cancel all of your engagements for the day. As there is no alternative to getting more shut-eye when in a bad hangover, you need to give your body ample time to recover by getting as much rest as possible.

Try Not to Take Pain Killers

Most of us will reach for a pain reliever when our heads are pounding; however, that might not be the best idea when you are dealing with a hangover. If you have alcohol in your system then taking OTC products such as Tylenol, aspirin, or ibuprofen will have magnified side effects. The effects might get intensified if the blood-thinning effects of aspirin are combined with alcohol in your system. Other drugs like ibuprofen might cause stomach bleeding, and acetaminophen can damage your liver.

If you cannot avoid taking a painkiller, take it in a very low dose. There are alternatives to dealing with headaches, such as Tiger Balm. Just rub the balm into your temples, and soon you will get some relief from the headache. You should avoid acetaminophen at all costs.

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Have Something to Eat

Although most of you will cringe at the thought of eating at such a time, it might actually help as long as it is taken in moderation and not something that might make you sick. You may not feel like it, but you should try to eat foods that are rich in protein and minerals. Pretzels, crackers, or other bland food like bread can be a good choice to start with. Your dizziness and shakes can be regulated by the carbs in these foods.

If you can manage to put those foods down, you can try fruits or smoothies next. You can also go with a can of soup. Try something like a chicken noodle as it has a more neutral taste. This way you will be able to get the required minerals and protein just by slurping up the soothing broth. Try to whip up a more hangover-friendly breakfast if you are up for it.

Exercise Will Help

Having a bad hangover will test all your abilities to even stand up and walk, not to mention how difficult it will be to even attempt a little exercise. But there is some truth to the fact that managing to get some exercise actually helps in a situation like this. Exercise helps your body to rid some of the toxins faster by increasing your metabolism and restoring your body and mind in the process. 

You can take it easy by taking a short walk in the cool fresh air instead of working up a sweat. If your hangover doesn’t allow for a walk, just sit outside and breathe in some fresh air. You will be surprised at how restored you feel just by being out in the sunshine and a light breeze.

hangover cure get outside

Final Thoughts

It isn’t easy fighting a hangover, especially when you had such a great time just the night before. Hopefully, our tips will help you to deal with it a little more effectively. Maybe next time just drink more responsibly, as prevention is always better than cure!