You don’t have to be a professional chef to achieve perfectly sliced, waffled and julienned veggies. Simply watch our 1-minute tutorial and learn how to use a mandolin. Kitchen life just got so much easier!

This cooking technique yields picture-perfect results and more importantly yet saves time preparing your favorite meals. Any mandolin will do; however, we prefer a slicer that can adjust to size.

Use your newly acquired skills to slice the zucchini in our vegetarian zucchini lasagna recipe! Or try your hand at homemade onion rings. Because this technique is so simple, you’ll be a pro in no time.

A mandolin slicer and some veggies.

How to Use a Mandolin Slicer Instructions

Get perfectly sliced, julienned and waffled veggies for your favorite meals using a mandolin slicer. Watch this 1-minute video!


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  • vegetable of choice



  • Insert the straight slicing blade into the mandolin and place it with the lowest end away from you.
  • Put the round guard in the grooves on each side of the mandolin and place the vegetable you are slicing in it. If the vegetable is taller than the guard, hold the vegetable and the guard with one hand and slice away from you.
  • Check the depth of the slice and adjust the blade if it is too thick or thin. When everything is set, continue to slice until the vegetable is the same height as the guard then place the top guard (the part with the spikes) on top of the vegetable. Continue slicing and push down on the plunger as you slice. Soon the entire vegetable will be sliced and you will still have all your fingers!


  • First, cut the vegetable between 2–3" long. Remove the slicing blade and reinsert it so that the bumpy side is facing the vegetable. The slices need to be thin, so adjust the height. When it is set, you will be making julienne cuts in a fraction of the time!


  • Simply make one cut exactly like you would for a julienne cut. For the second cut, rotate the vegetable 90 degrees and cut again. Continue rotating every pass.


Use your newfound skills to make baked sweet potato fries and cheesy turnips au gratin!
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How to use a mandolin slicer video tutorial