Nothing makes you closer to your mother than becoming a mother yourself. It’s as though you’ve suddenly reached a whole new level of admiration for this incredible woman you have loved all your life! Cheryl enjoys making special things for her mom on Mother’s Day to show her how much she loves and appreciates her.

We kept all of our moms in mind this year while working on Mother’s Day ideas to share. The results are some wonderful DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make very special, personal gifts sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

1. personalized stationary cards 

a personal touch in just 10 minutes. We bet your mom loved getting handmade cards from you when you were a kid, and we bet she’d love it just as much now! Personalizing your stationery is an easy and inexpensive way to add color and texture to your Mother’s Day greeting.

2. DIY lemon citrus scrub

make mom shine from the inside out! In our opinion a homemade gift beats a store bought gift any day! Packed with vitamins A, C and E and made with a few simple ingredients, my DIY lemon citrus scrub will leave Mom feeling loved and refreshed.

3. puff paint vases 

the beauty of recycling. Why buy Mom an expensive new vase from a boutique when you can upcycle mismatched glasses and create your own? Just pick up Mom’s favorite color of puff paint, trace out a simple design and voila, a memorable and useful gift Mom will adore. Drop in a few of her favorite flowers and give her a centerpiece she’ll love!

4. printable recipe cards 

recipes are traditions to be treasured. Hand-written recipes passed down through the generations are an important part of a family’s history. For Mother’s Day we created these adorable printable recipe cards for Mom to help continue the tradition.

5. coffee mug gift 

does mom love a caffeine kick? Does your mom frequent the Starbucks drive thru for a daily coffee, or maybe two? Grab a permanent marker, a mug, and a gift card to her favorite coffee shop and create a personalized gift she’ll love!

6. DIY garden markers 

add some décor to her garden. If your mom loves to spend time in the garden, she is going to love these thoughtful DIY garden markers. We made them out of nickel stamping blanks and inexpensive paint chips. Our garden markers will help her identify her plants without adding clutter. Gift them with a few of her favorite perennials for an extra personal touch.

7. spa basket for mom 

bring the spa to mom. Busy moms don’t always have the time to schedule some well earned pampering, so we put together a spa basket with mom in mind this year. Watch this short video where Cheryl shares some great tips on filling a basket with goodies Mom would never buy for herself.

8. grandma questionnaire 

all about grandma! Your mom has graduated to “best grandma ever” status in the eyes of her grandkids, so have them fill out our “all about grandma” questionnaire. Their spontaneous responses will surely get a giggle from everyone, and grandma will love it framed on her wall!