Ginger contains so much wonderful, vibrant flavor. The word we’d use to describe it is ZING! Learn how to effortlessly peel and grate ginger so you can include one of our favorite ingredients in beverages. It’s also great in Asian-inspired meals and salad dressings.

This technique is perfect for making a refreshing ginger lime cocktail or mixing up some fresh lemon ginger muffins. Either way, the flavor can’t be beat!

You can buy it fresh from any supermarket. Or, if you’re on a budget, purchase this yummy root in spring (it’s the least expensive in spring) then pop it in the freezer until it’s needed. It freezes well and it’s much easier to grate when it’s cold!

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How to Peel and Grate Ginger

Learn how easy it is to peel and grate ginger. Just cut away the outer skin, freeze it then grate its fragrant root with a fork!


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  • Hold the ginger in one hand, and, using an upside down spoon in the other hand, scrape the thin skin off the ginger. Place the peeled ginger in a plastic bag and freeze until solid.
  • Place a fork on the countertop on its side. Take a piece of frozen ginger and scrape it across the tines of the fork. The ginger will fall into tiny pieces. Presto! Grated ginger!


A microplane is perfect for this job if you own one!
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How to peel and grate ginger instructional video