You are going to love these seven easy-to-follow chocolate dessert recipes, designed to impress without all the fuss!

Whether you’re making dessert for two or feeding an entire classroom—we have a recipe for you.

Five-minute chocolate mug cake or molten lava cake will work for two and chocolate lasagna is perfect for a crowd. Make decadent double chocolate truffles with chocolate liqueur without breaking the bank, and whip up a batch of gluten-free chocolate-flavored cookies that really will satisfy your craving for chocolate—unlike their gluten-free cardboard-tasting compatriots.

Some of these recipes will take longer to make than others, but at the end of the day, they’re all achievable with easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll be earning high-fives once you effortlessly conquer these great-tasting desserts. Hurrah for chocolate!

7 delectable chocolate dessert recipes

nostalgic #WhoopiePie cake with marshmallow filling | recipe on Everyday Dishes & DIY.com1. whoopie pie cake with marshmallow filling

buttercream, marshmallow dream

Take a bite out of nostalgia! Yummy butter cake with marshmallow buttercream filling will earn you high-fives from everyone holding a fork!

Molten lava cake recipe for Valentine's Day2. Molten Lava Cake

melt your heart molten lava cake

This decadent molten lava cake recipe is a quick and easy dessert for two—or whip up a batch for the whole family! Oozy, chocolaty goodness in every bite!

#Nutella + sea salt = the perfect combo! | #HotCocoa recipe on Everyday Dishes & DIY.com3. chocolate hazelnut cocoa

sweet & salty

Warm up with something different this winter! Ditch the pre-packaged hot chocolate and have chocolate hazelnut cocoa with sea salt instead! It’s a perfect cold-weather drink.

decadent #GlutenFree chocolate cookies | recipe on Everyday Dishes & DIY.com4. gluten-free chocolate cookies

gluten-free delight

This chewy gluten-free chocolate has a texture and flavor that the other gluten-free sweet treats are missing! You’ll have a devilishly good time with the devil’s food flavor!

5. chocolate dessert lasagnaChocolate dessert lasagna recipe

luscious layers, oh my!

Graham crackers, cream cheese, pudding, whipped cream (dairy or dairy-free) and chocolate—this easy chocolate lasagna has all the elements for a chocolate lover!

chocolate #truffles with chocolate #liqueur | recipe on Everyday Dishes & DIY.com6. double chocolate truffles with chocolate liqueur

the truffle shuffle 

Despite their lavish reputation, truffles could not be easier to make. The active prep time is only 10 minutes, plus you can control the liquor and the sweetness—win, win!

5 minute chocolate cake | recipe on Everyday Dishes & DIY.com7. 5-minute chocolate mug cake

have your cake and eat it too!

Satisfy your sweet tooth without having to make a huge dessert. This 5-minute chocolate mug cake recipe is fast, easy and delicious!